nmw is a volunteer organization whose most important resource is YOU, as part of our network of informed and engaged citizens.


Get involved in wilderness issues and make a difference protecting wild places in northeastern Minnesota.NMW booth at the Blue Berry Festival

  • Volunteer at Sustainable Ely, our action center in downtown Ely. Please email sustainely@nmworg.org to learn more.
  • Call or e-mail your legislators about environmental issues that concern you. Find your representative  at www.leg.state.mn.us
  • Write a letter(s) to your local or regional newspapers and voice your opinion about what’s happening or not with our environment. Respond to others’ views.
  • Volunteer to write an article for our newsletter. Watch our event page and attend gatherings related to environmental issues.
  • Link onto other environmental organizations’ sites and find out what issues they’re supporting and TAKE ACTION!
  • Socialize with fellow NMW members at our meetings, festivals and outings.
  • Get outside in nature and enjoy what we work so hard to protect.