Frequently Asked Questions about Membership

Q:  What benefits do I receive for becoming a member of NMW?
A:  Members make their voice count by joining a coalition of people who defend wild places in northeastern Minnesota.
Members will receive an annual printed and mailed newsletter.
Members will have the option of receiving email updates and legislative action alerts.
Members may vote at the annual meeting.
Members receive the satisfaction of knowing they are supporting a good local cause.

Q:  I would like to become a member of NMW.  How do I do that?
A:  Send us a a membership donation and your contact information to PO Box 625 Ely, MN 55731.

Q:  Can you accept credit cards?
A:  Yes!  Using Paypal, you can make a membership donation using a credit card even if you do not have a Paypal account.  Click here to pay your membership dues via Paypal.

Q:  May I donate anonymously?
A:  Yes!  We can also accept donations through the GiveMN website.  (However, our processing fees are slightly higher than through Paypal.)  Select the “donate anonymously” checkbox.  We also accept cash donations the old-fashioned way, in a glass jar marked “Donations” that we put out at our booth during festivals such as Ely’s Blueberry Arts Festival and Harvest Moon.

Q:  I don’t live in the area but I want to support your work.  How can I do that?
A:  You can donate anyway!  We happily accept contributions from everyone who cares about wilderness.  You will receive the same benefits as our members who live in the area.  We appreciate our Out Of Area Supporters!

Q:  I care about wilderness issues, but my personal finances are severely limited.
A:  You can join NMW as a “student” or person who has limited income.  A student membership is just $5.